Control your water network.
Anytime, anywhere.

Improve efficiency in the day-to-day operations, management and reporting of your water network with easy, web-based access to hydraulic conditions.

Why WaterNet Advisor?

Make critical operational decisions based on real-time information

Control your network online and in real-time for powerful operational decision support. Take advantage of WaterNet Advisor’s real-time hindcasting and forecasting capabilities to run automated simulations in an easy and efficient manner reducing the time spent on exporting information.

Make decisions with real-time information so your water distribution continues to run at peak performance

WaterNet Advisor is compatible with non-MIKE water distribution modelling software so there’s no need to create a new model

Boost the results visualisation power of your existing modelling software

Open any MIKE URBAN or MIKE URBAN+ WD (Water Distribution) model or EPANET model, display the contents of the model using predefined layers and edit the model data using the edit tools running on the EPANET-based simulation. Load simulation results and display in map view, create thematic maps, display time series and browse and animate results.

Access your model from any device

WaterNet Advisor is very easy to install and use. We set up a one-time installation software on your company server (or on Cloud storage). With a username and password, you gain access from a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop – whichever you prefer. Select your hydraulic model(s) and connect it to WaterNet Advisor. That’s all it takes to get up and running – with as many users as you specify.

View your hydraulic conditions from any device for on the fly decision making

With WaterNet Advisor, modellers are no longer the only ones that can interpret model results

Anyone can use the program, there is no special expertise required

Water utility operators and emergency response teams often depend on experts to extract data from hydraulic models which slows decision-making, delays tasks and impacts the bottom line. WaterNet Advisor doesn’t require special knowledge to operate so the answers are literally at your fingertips. Data can easily be shared across the organisation and from experts to non-experts with ease.

Get On-Line with WaterNet Advisor

The on-line model is a “live” version of the hydraulic model where water levels, water consumptions, pump and valve settings are as in the physical system. This is accomplished by developing an automatic data link between the hydraulic model and SCADA (telemetry) database and update of the hydraulic model.

Screenshot of a live version of the hydraulic model

WaterNet Advisor creates more efficiencies for these professions

Water Utility Managers

Proactively manage your network with the help of online network modelling

Water Utility Engineers

Access fire flow, support shutdown planning, conduct WHAT-IF analyses

Water Utility GIS

View hydraulic model data and typical results


Share models and information during the (model) construction phase with clients and use for progress reporting

Emergency Response Team

Pinpoint the location of a leaky pipe for faster response and mitigation

No in-house modellers?

DHI’s experts can create your water distribution model, connect it to WaterNet Advisor and show you how to analyse the results to support better decision making.

Watch how easy it is to set up and use WaterNet Advisor

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Hear how our customers are using this breakthrough application

“This tool is a very successful advance in the perspective of the generalisation of the use of the modelling of water supply systems. We greatly appreciate the availability in mobile screens, and as someone said, this tool is the democratisation of the simulation - in the palm of our hand.”

Paulo Praça, Senior Technician
Department of Water and Waste Water, Municipality of Barreiro, Portugal
"Excellent tool! Straightforward and appealing at the same time. It is pretty useful in order to carry out performance analysis and quick scenario comparison. It is a very good option for operational staff within water utilities especially for a quick contingency assessment.”

Gaetano Parpajola, Civil Hydraulic Engineer
Aìda - Association of Professional Engineers of Water, Cévese Parpajola Hydraulic Engineering, Italy

Featured software subscription package

Water Distribution Online

This affordable subscription package allows you to connect your hydraulic model with SCADA systems for real-time, hindcast, and forecast analysis of water distribution/supply systems of any size.

Additional capabilities & unique features

There’s so much WaterNet Advisor allows you to do. Edit tanks, reservoirs, pipes, pumps, valves or node demands with ease. Perform hydraulic analyses (both steady state and extended period), fire flow analyses, network capacity analyses, water age analyses, multi-source trace analyses and contaminant event analyses.

The built-in Model Management Tools make it easy to create, edit and delete a model. You can register any MIKE URBAN+ or EPANET file as well as GIS layers. Share your model with other users or choose to keep it private.

The hallmark of WaterNet Advisor is the easy visualisation of results. You can overlay maps and time series data for an even greater understanding of the results.

Create, edit or delete scenarios using the built-in scenario tools. You can also choose to share the scenario with other users or keep it private.

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