Integrated catchment modelling

MIKE SHE delivers truly integrated modelling of groundwater, surface water, recharge and evapotranspiration. MIKE SHE includes all important aspects of hydrology when your project requires a fully integrated model. No other tool or combination of tools can match MIKE SHE in terms of seamless integration of all the important processes of the hydrological cycle.


  • DHI has more than 30 years of experience in integrated hydrological modelling, which is more than any other organisation in the world. It is this experience that is embedded in MIKE SHE and is available to you in our unparalleled technical support and training. 
  • If you need to accurately partition rainfall into runoff, evapotranspiration and groundwater recharge, MIKE SHE is the fastest, most dependable way to produce accurate integrated models.
  • With MIKE SHE, you can tailor the complexity of your model and truly explore the impact of any changes to the hydrological regime within your project area.


The following is a subset of the almost endless MIKE SHE applications.
It is the ideal software for:

  • integrated catchment hydrology
  • conjunctive use and management of surface water and groundwater
  • irrigation and drought management
  • wetland management and restoration
  • environmental river flows
  • floodplain management
  • groundwater-induced flooding
  • land use and climate change impacts on groundwater and surface water
  • nutrient fate and management
  • integrated mine water management

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Hydrology and Hydraulics

Detailed river hydraulics, river basin management, integrated catchment modelling and hydrology, in an all-in-one package.

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  • MIKE HYDRO River (all modules)
  • MIKE HYDRO Basin (all modules)
  • MIKE SHE (all modules)

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