Littoral processes and coastline kinetics

Design and implementation of efficient coastline management strategies, locally as well as regionally, require detailed knowledge of the physical processes controlling the transport and sedimentation of beach materials. LITPACK applies a unique deterministic approach to give you a powerful tool for a wide range of coastal zone management applications.


  • LITPACK is proven science turned into a productive tool for coastal engineers.
  • It combines unique expert knowledge about physical processes within waves, currents and sediment transport with efficient numerical simulation and an efficient user interface. The professional user is able to undertake complex studies in a productive and safe manner.
  • LITPACK also contains a series of productivity tools, such as graphical editors and animated presentation of results.
  • LITPACK simulates a wide range of wave and current scenarios along straight or nearly straight coastlines. It combines these simulations into predictions of coastal profiles and long-term coastline evolution.


LITPACK is applicable for a wide range of coastal management and optimisation projects.
It is the ideal software for:

  • impact assessment of coastal works on coastline dynamics
  • evaluation of different designs and types of coastal constructions, including groynes, revetments, harbours and breakwaters
  • optimisation of beach redevelopment plans, including artificial nourishment
  • design and evaluation of coastal protection
  • execution of morphological baseline studies. These studies often lead to the definition of more detailed studies undertaken with other tools

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Coastal Engineering

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  • ST (MIKE 21/3)
  • MIKE 21 SW
  • + one module of choice from MIKE 21 or MIKE 3

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