Are you aware of your hydraulic network performance?
Do you know which of your investments are securing the best returns?

MIKE URBAN+ allows you to model all types of urban water systems including water distribution, storm water drainage, and sewage collection (in separate and combined systems) as well as urban flooding. It features full hydrological and hydraulic modelling capabilities including water quality for all parts of the urban water systems.

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Hear how MIKE URBAN+ can help water utilities tackle the most pressing water management challenges of today.


Model all pipe networks within a city using ONE modelling platform.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface

Achieve results faster regardless of your level of modelling experience.

Real-time data validation and error flagging

MIKE URBAN+ immediately identifies errors in your model data as you are editing, flags the value using a highlighted color, provides a mouse-over description of the error, and has tools to automatically fix many errors.

Model water distribution and collection systems in one integrated platform

Model all water networks within a city using a single platform for a complete overview of your urban infrastructure.

Dynamic flood modelling

The second release of MIKE URBAN+ will allow you to model the exchange between 2D surface water and a 1D storm water network, including a seamless workflow for 1D and 2D model development, and leveraging the computational power of parallel processing on a multi-core CPU or multiple GPU’s.

New water distribution tools and enhanced features

Optimise the planning, operation and maintenance of your water distribution network more efficiently with these enhanced capabilities:
  • Multi-source tracing
  • Fire flow analysis
  • Hydrant flushing
  • Pipe/valve criticality
  • PID control

The most advanced computational engine on the market

Model large storm water and waste water systems with ease using the powerful MIKE 1D multi-core engine and a graphical interface that can easily handle editing and visualisation of networks exceeding 200,000 pipes.

Backed by an agile product development team

Enjoy new features anticipated to be released quarterly.

Integrated with ArcGIS Pro*

MIKE URBAN+ is integrated with ArcGIS Pro for enhanced model building, data pre-processing, GIS editing and presentation capabilities. Includes access to ArcGIS ONLINE, a gateway to Esri cloud products.
* MIKE URBAN+ ArcGIS adds sophisticated GIS capabilities to MIKE URBAN+ through the integration with ArcGIS Pro. Embeds ArcGIS Pro software and license for ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online.

Key features

MIKE URBAN+ helps solve a number of urban water challenges and supports analysis, scenario modelling and online operations.

Release roadmap

MIKE URBAN+ was created as the result of an effort to transform client feedback into tangible improvements. We embarked on the development of MIKE URBAN+ with one aim: to radically improve the way you model urban water.


The first release of MIKE URBAN+ with new features to model Collection and Water Distribution systems.

Q2 2019


The second release will include 2D flooding capabilities based on MIKE 21 FM (Flexible Mesh) coupled with MIKE 1D to provide unprecedented ways of flood modelling using multiple cores and GPU for fast model simulations and result presentations through one interface.

Q4 2019

MIKE URBAN+ will continue to develop, maintaining its key capabilities while expanding functionalities and features. New releases will be delivered on a consistent basis so we may continue to provide an enhanced user experience.


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MIKE URBAN+ succeedes MIKE URBAN as the new generation of modelling software for urban applications. Take your urban water modelling to the next level with its enhanced capabilities, faster simulation speed and more user-friendly interface.

The result? Resilient and sustainable solutions for city planners and water utilities while protecting your future investments in water infrastructures.

If you’re an existing MIKE URBAN user, find out how the MIKE URBAN+ Release will support your modelling work further.

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