Our MIKE Powered by DHI technologies have made knowledge of water environments accessible to water professionals around the globe for more than 25 years. The MIKE product family encapsulates more knowledge and covers a wider range of water modelling needs than any similar products.

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Training courses & webinars

18-20 Jul
3 days
MIKE 21 CURVILINEAR 2D morphological modelling Vietnam
19-20 Jul
2 days
MIKE HYDRO RIVER ECO Lab 1D water quality and ecological modelling Thailand
19-20 Jul
2 days
FLOOD MODELLING WITH FLEXIBLE MESH (FM) Take your flood modelling a step further Australia
23-24 Jul
2 days
MIKE HYDRO RIVER Introduction to river and channel modelling Australia
23-25 Jul
3 days
FEFLOW Introduction to groundwater modelling Australia
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17 Jul 2018 WATERNET ADVISOR Introduction to web based management and analysis of water distribution systems 16:00 UTC (12pm EST)
26 Jul 2018 FEFLOW Groundwater modeling at mine sites: dewatering, reactive transport, and more 15:00 UTC (11am EST)
01 Aug 2018 MIKE FLOOD & HIDDEN TOOLS Optimisation of daily workflows in MIKE FLOOD
14 Aug 2018 MIKE 21 Coastal dynamics: how to effectively model sediment transport 16:00 UTC
21 Aug 2018 MIKE 21C Introduction to sediment transport modeling for lakes, rivers, and reservoirs 15:00 UTC (11am EST)
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